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The Connacht Clan is the official Connacht Rugby supporters club. It is a fully voluntary club, with all committee members drawn from the Connacht Rugby supporting pool, with the one exception of a Connacht Branch liaison. It was formed in the summer of 2011 just in time for Connacht's first ever season participating in the European Rugby Cup.

 The aims of the Connacht Clan are:

  • Support Connacht Rugby
  • Support the fans of Connacht Rugby
  • Act as an advocate for the fans of Connacht Rugby
  • Organise trips to selected away fixtures
  • Organise social gatherings for Connacht Rugby fans
  • Provide services such as newsletters and forums to Connacht Rugby fans
  • Increase the outreach of the club throughout the province
  • Act as a liaison between the fans and the branch
  • Promote the visibility and good standing of Connacht Rugby and its fans through the conduct of The Connacht Clan committee and members
  • Forge friendships with the supporters of other teams and offer advice and support to the fans of visiting teams
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